Saturday, December 11, 2010

NICU update - Mac2.0 edition

I know I still need to write out the birth story.  Just haven't had time between NICU visits, pumping, and spending time with Bubby, I give brief facebook updates when I can, but that is about it.

So here is what has happened so far this week:

Tuesday - Had Mac2.0 - things were looking pretty good all things considered

Wednesday - things were still going pretty well - he was eating but spitting up a lot.  Then they took him off of his feeds

Thursday - No meals, IV, jaundice lights, put in an incubator type of bed, pic-line

Friday - Able to start small meals again using soy formula - stomach loops turned out not to be NEC or anything serious and went away - handled feeds well through tube, started back on meals through a bottle

Saturday - able to start taking breast milk through a bottle instead of formula, having some residual in his belly this afternoon/evening so please pray that he digests more/all of his food well - off of jaundice lights - back in a non-heated bed to see if he can regulate his temp

If Mac2.0 keeps eating full feeds (they are increasing more and more each meal) and gaining weight for a few days in a row with no issues it seems like he may be able to come home by the end of the week or so.

Please pray for:

  • effective and healthy digestion
  • weight gain
  • jaundice to stay away
  • body temp to be self-regulated
  • no other issues to arise

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