Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve

It is not quite ten o'clock.  I spent New Year's Eve with the babies and the dog while The Hubs had an appointment with a client. (Seriously? On a holiday? But anyhoo...)  I will be going to bed shortly because when you sleep for two-ish hour blocks at a time in the wee hours of the night/morning, staying up to see a ball drop and ring in the new year doesn't quite have the same appeal as it might to someone who gets a seven-or-more-hour chunk of sleep the majority of the year.  But here I am rambling.  That is nothing new. :)
This year has gone by quickly in many ways and slowly in others. I look at Bubby and Mac2.0, and I want time to sloooowwww down.  I look at my recent sleep deprivation, and I wouldn't mind the next few months going by semi-quickly.
This year has had high's and low's.

Being lied about by someone I loved/being majorly disappointed by the behavior of others.
Ever accumulating medical bills.
Not having doors and windows opened like we had hoped in 2010 and wondering if things will get better in the coming year.
Having to put our faithful four-legged friend, Ebby, to sleep.

Mommyhood -now times two - the poopy diapers, the temper tantrums, the medical bills that could have bought a new car and so much more... totally worth it for the baby sleeping on my chest as I type and the "mama!" I will hear once again in the morning
The blessing of amazing friendship/familyship (like that word?)
Seeing prayers answered for loved ones
Spending another year as a stay-at-home mom - I know that this may not always be possible, so I am thankful that things turned out how they did (as far as this aspect of life goes) this year

My hope is that in the coming year I will experience true joy and contentment with the people and things that really matter in my life.  And I pray the same for you, dear readers. :)

Happy New Year

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