Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas???

Mac2.0 may be home for Christmas if he continues to do as well as he has done the last couple of days.  He has taken all of his feedings for the last 21 hours, so the doc said his nose tube can come out.  Then they will keep an eye on how things go for the next 72 hours or so.  If all continues to go well, The Hubs and I will then go with him to CareByParent (where we stay overnight with him in a hospital room to make sure everything is okay), and then he can come home.  This is all contingent on him having no other issues, passing his carseat test, etc.  He has been having some periodic breathing issues but not bad enough to be making him desat so they may be doing a sleep study on him and depending on how that goes he may come home on an apnea monitor like Bubby did.  Please pray that there will be no setbacks, everything will go smoothly and quickly, and we can get our little guy home soon - very soon.
It has been a very stressful last couple of days for me.  Even though the baby is doing better, I think my postpartum hormones are in full swing.  Let me tell ya, they make the progesterone emotions look like a cakewalk.  Feeling a little better this evening now that we got a potential timeline today.
We have had an amazing nurse the last two day shifts. I wish she could always be the nurse.  I really like her. I  think she may have cared for Bubby a day or two, too.  Sadly, I have not been up much to the hospital today - just once this afternoon, and I will go again tonight.  She told me when I called up this morning to not stress, she knows I am a good mom.  When I was up this afternoon she had Mac2.0 ready for a bath.  The little guy LOVED it.  He looked like he was enjoying a day at the spa, and was only upset when I took him out of the tub.
Santa came to the NICU today and so did a photographer.  The Hubs went up for that time slot.  Not sure the time frame of getting the pictures.  I do know that unless he peed on another outfit (which he has a tendency to do even when the nurses put the diapers on him), he should be wearing the very cool hand-me down turtle pajamas that Bubby got from cousin Stephanie.  (Mac2.0 that is, not the Hubs, haha.)
Well, Bubby is playing me a tune on the piano, so I better end this update.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  

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