Thursday, December 30, 2010

a few minutes of calm

I sit with a few minutes of calm this morning.  The Hubs went out to get us some much needed coffee (yay Christmas gift card!), Bubby is playing with his toy laptop and talking with me as I type by repeating everything his computer says (so cute!), the dog is sitting by the door, and Mac2.0 (who I am still thinking of a blog nickname for) is swaddled up and snug next to me in his Boppy.
Last night was my first evening completely on my own - no mom here any more or sister-in-law and brother stopping by.  The Hubs had four clients, so he was gone until after nine.  There were moments of insanity, which I eluded to on facebook, - such as when Bubby decided to put his Leap Frog Fridge Phonics in the dog bowl or when he decided to give his brother a book...right on his tiny little head. BUT I survived, and actually I managed to feed both boys, not kick the dog out, eat dinner myself (better late than never), play with Bubby, change several poopy diapers, and feel relatively okay by the end of the night. Most of the night went well.  A couple of moments went extremely well.
Well... I have more words but no brain cells.  Here are a couple of pictures of Mac.20 instead of more words:


  1. He is beautiful. What a lovely family.

  2. i can't believe i missed the news! i mean, i took a self-imposed and important blogging break, but it's crazy that so much has happened in others' lives! (ha! b/cs it's all about me, right?)
    congrats on your newest little man, and he is PRECIOUS! i hope and pray nursing/pumping is still going well and that you all are just able to enjoy the heck out of him!!!
    happy new year!!

  3. oh friend you're glowing... i love your ever expanding beautiful family. xo

  4. he's adorable! thanks for sharing these pictures. :)


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