Wednesday, December 1, 2010

eighteen month stats

Bubby went for his eighteen month appointment today.  He did not have any shots because we have to wait a few more days for the second dose of his flu shot and his shot records did not transfer yet from his other pediatrician.  That's right - in his short little life so far we have been through three pediatricians (technically four because we are back to his original) due to insurance company changes and our favorite one moved clinics to where our insurance did not cover.  I was pleasantly surprised that his doctor today was the most personable I have ever seen her.  Anyhoo... we will go back whenever they get his shot records.  I know he is up-to-date as of 15 months, so there shouldn't be very many.
The doc was pleased with how he is progressing in his various developmental skills, especially given the preemie factor.  He is doing really well on the growth chart, too.
His weight -  23 lbs 8 oz - 25th percentile for 18 month olds (in between 25-50th percentile if you compare him with the age he "should" be.)
His height - 33 inches - 75th percentile for 18 month olds (90th percentile compared with 15/16 month olds)
He is going to be tall, I think!

Other things Bubby is doing these days:
repeating lots of sounds
able to follow one step directions (when he wants to, haha)
chasing the dog and trying to climb on her
saying "Hi-yuh" when he plays with phones
opening the dishwasher - he has figured out how to unlatch it
announcing every now and then when he is going to po-po - that's right - just moments before he poops he occasionally lets us know

Words he says that others can probably understand/decipher (some of these may have been listed in previous blog posts): mama, dada, nana (banana), mo (more - with sign and sound), no, hi-ya, po-po (poop)

Words he says that The Hubs and I know what he is saying but other people may or may not know:
dah (dog), lo-lo/wo-wo (lotion), mmpoo (shampoo), bah-bah (lamb), bah-bull (bottle - for shampoo bottle or other similar looking containers), kir-cle (circle from shape sorter activity), app-a/app-il (apple - which he does not like to eat), app (up or help depending on context), ca-ca/cock(sock), nah-nah/ni-ni (night-night)

Words he says that only The Hubs and I can probably decipher  - he makes sounds for car and truck ( don't know how to type the sounds out), ch (chair), sheya-sheya (cheerios), doh (door or drawer depending on context) breh/bra (bread), bowl (spoon - yes, we are working on fixing this error, haha), and probably some others I am forgetting

His receptive vocabulary is awesome.  He just can't always get the words out himself.  He can point to quite a few objects/rooms/etc. around the house.  He can predict parts of his favorite stories.  He remembers things from books (even books I try to hide because they are annoying and I don't want to read them!).  He can request a couple of his favorite books "Bo-ba (or something like it) for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, "Dahk-a-dahk-AH!" (with expression) for In A Dark, Dark Wood, and a weird swishy motion and soundfor I Love You Through and Through (because The Hubs has read the book with awesome noises and motions).  When they visit he can point to who is Auntie Missa and who is Uncle Fman. In the short times they have been here recently, he can even point out who is Grampy and who is Babushka! He points to his mouth when he wants to eat something or if someone mentions food/eating.

He loves music.  He points to his cd player in his room and says "mo" for more music.  He is learning some of the motions to Itsy-Bitsy-Spider and "requests" the song by doing a funky "spider" motion (you would never know what it is outside of the context).  He can also do parts of "If You're Happy and You Know It."  He used to clap his hands for it very easily in the right spot, but now he is obsessed with "Stomp Your Feet."  On the "Say Amen!" part about 50% of the time he will echo "Meh/Men!" at the appropriate time.  He also likes the "I'm in the Lord's Army" song, but hasn't quite caught on to the motions/"Yes, Sir!" parts.

Phew!  Well, I am not keeping a traditional baby book, so this will help me when I go to compile his next Shutterfly photoalbum next spring/summer.  If I don't write it down here, I don't know where I would. 

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