Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec.12 - another update

So Mac2.0 is having a little bit of a set back. He is not keeping his temperature up.  This takes a lot of his energy so at meal time he is lethargic and not taking all of his food by mouth. So they have to put a large portion down his nose tube.  Looks like he will be going back to an incubator so he doesn't burn all of his energy/calories trying to keep himself warm.  Once he gains some more weight, this should help.  But it is disappointing that his little body just isn't mature enough yet to do everything on his own.  So Homecoming Day will not be as soon as we had thought/hoped. We are thankful that even though this isn't great news, it could be so much worse.
Continued prayer for:
weight gain
ability to regulate his own body temp correctly
jaundice to stay away
ability to eat on his own
digestive issues to stay away

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