Sunday, December 5, 2010

At what point does one have to re-evaluate life decisions and consider doing something different?  Which sacrifices are acceptable to make at certain points or after certain events, and what things are non-negotiable?  How many pro/cons lists can a person make on the same topic/theme over and over again?  When does a person suck it up and let go of a dream, an ideal, a seemingly unrealistic expectation, at least for the short term, so that in the long term it may potentially come to pass?  How much should one factor in what those who have gone before her have done or what "everybody else is doing" right now?
I need a voice to tell me.  Just like last spring I was clearly told to say "no" to a job, I need a that same strong voice to clearly tell me if in an upcoming season of life I am supposed to do something different than what I am currently doing or if this is just another test in faith and trust.
I hope this post doesn't sound depressed or desponant.  I am neither.  Just once again wishing for some answers on how everything is supposed to work.  Because honestly, I feel like I followed the voice last spring, and I am not sure that anything came from it other than the fact I still feel confident that I did what I was supposed to do even though I didn't really see any results from the decision other than some peace.


  1. i hope you receive that sign, that voice, dear friend. the bible says "God's voice says, here is the way--walk in it." i pray this for you. keep laying out your fleece. and i would love if you did a post similar to mine, telling us all about you! xo

  2. Sometimes you have to answer those questions yourself. If you wait your whole life for someone to give you the answer, you just might wait your whole life. There isn't always a clear-cut path, mistakes are inevitable and should be made in order to grow as a person. Sometimes you have to take life by the you-know-what and see what happens. Maybe I'm just impatient, maybe I don't like being given the answer (well, not all the time anyway), I'm much more of a digger but those are my two cents. Hope you get whatever answers you're searching for :)


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