Wednesday, November 3, 2010

yet another Mac2.0 scare

A few weeks ago I had contractions.  It turned out okay because they stopped.
On Friday Mac2.0 decided not to move at all all day.  So the doctor sent us to the hospital.  He finally started moving and all was okay.
Today I had my regular two week appointment.  After waiting forever and a day, she checked the heart-rate. Good.  She checked the measurement of my uterus.  Not so good.  Everyone keeps telling me how I don't look very pregnant (grrr), but up to this point my doctor has been happy with how I am measuring.  Today there had not been a significant change over the last two weeks.  So she sent me downstairs to get an ultrasound.
Everything is okay.  Mac2.0 is measuring small - especially his stomach measurements - but none of his measurements were low enough to be concerned.  (Cause for concern is 10th percentile.)  He is weighing three pounds even. 
(I think this little guy just wants to make sure he gets every bit of attention his older brother got! haha)
I now have to go from seeing my OB every other week to now going in every week.  She wants to keep a close eye on me, for which I am thankful, even if it does mean sitting in a doctor's office for hours on end each week.
Sidenote: Bubby was born at this point (29 1/2 weeks gestation) and was 3 lbs 6 oz and lonnnnng  (16.5 inches) according to the NICU nurses. They didn't tell me how long Mac2.0 is at this point.


  1. Boy! That 2.0 sure is a Drama King! LOL! Glad that they are taking things so seriously and keeping you well informed. Love you all!

    Cousin Michelle

  2. I liked your comment about how you have never been *this* pregnant before, since Mac 2.0 has stayed in the oven longer than your first. That's a great observation! And a great example of appreciating your victories, where ever they might be found. You always have your head in the right place, good for you!


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