Tuesday, November 23, 2010

while my son is entertained and the dog is being punished

Just a short post to update.  Bubby is playing with his toy computer and Penny is being punished for digging in the backyard and getting her paws very muddy and mud clumps all over my floors while I started laundry.  
I started having contractions last night.  About 6:30.  So I did what I was supposed to do.  Drank water. Tried to rest (as much as you can with an 17 month old).  Kept track.  They came every 10 minutes.  After 90 minutes I texted my sister-in-law to say I may need her to come watch Bubby - that I was going to call the doc in 30 minutes if the contractions kept up.  They did.  I called.  Was told to come to L&D triage to be placed on monitors.  Amazing sister-in-law and brother came over.  Bubby was sleeping.
We got to the hospital a little after 9 - still same contraction pattern.
Once on the monitor they didn't come as regularly right away, but then they started again - every 10 minutes, though at least half of them weren't as strong and the monitor didn't pick them all up.  After awhile, the nurse checked me.  A change from last Wed. when my doct checked me and I was just "soft."  1 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Two more hours on the monitor. Contractions regular but not as strong or lasting as long.  Checked again after two hours.  No change.  Sent home.  Going to my doctor this afternoon.
We are now taking bets on when Mac2.0 will come.  We are still praying for January. 
But my money is on Dec.10. 
The Hubs said Dec.18 (I think). 
Uncle Fman said Dec.12 and Auntie Missa said Dec.5 (or maybe I have the two of them mixed up - it was after midnight for this brief discussion).


  1. well, i for one will root for dec 12. it's a great bday for a little charming boy! (and yes, i have one!)
    how far along are you? is this preterm labor for you?
    i pray your little one stays put til it's time!!

  2. Misty - I am 32 weeks along. My son came at 29 weeks, so we are already doing better this round! :) Thanks for the prayers.


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