Wednesday, November 10, 2010

to learn or not to learn... that is the question

So at thirty and a half weeks I have a question...
Do I take a birthing class?
With Bubby I was signed up for one, but he came too early.
Giving birth to a three pound baby is one thing.  Giving birth to a regular sized baby, I think, is another.
But I don't want to watch a birth video.  I have managed to get this far in my life without seeing the whole amazing process. And I believe it IS an amazing process.  I just don't know that I want to see how it all happens in living color.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
Is this wrong?  Should I take the class or am I right in figuring women have given birth for thousands of years without a class, so why should I learn about something my body should be designed to do?
I am thinking I will just watch Baby Mama for the fiftieth time and call it good.


  1. depending on what you know, classes can be helpful. i took classes with my two oldest. when my second child was born, we went mainly for my husband's benefit as this was his first birth experience. i understand your dislike of birth videos. until my doula training, i found watching birth videos to be very uncomfortable. but when i was watching only with other women, it was a very different experience. i would recommend reading "ina may's guide to childbirth" by ina may gaskin. she reframes the birthing experience so that the stories are honest and yet beautiful, not scary. (sorry, my two year old is alternately grabbing the keyboard or feeding me previously chewed beans (ewwww) while i attempt to write this comment).

  2. I took the class the first time. BAGD watched the movie, I looked away! I also refused to use the pushing mirror during delivery...but the doctor said I had to look at the mirror, get a good push in, or he was prepping me for I did it (and it was helpfulk to look at the mirror and see what made a "good push."

    My advice to pregnant friends is always the matter what you think you know about delivery...just listen to those nurses! They will tel you when to breathe, when to push, where to sit, what to do. They have seen it 1000 times and are always calm. Just look to them and you'll be fine.


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