Thursday, November 11, 2010

thursday - an update

Well after a rough couple of days, today is actually going better.
Went with The Hubs to get his free Veteran's Day lunch at Chili's. We had great food there today and AMAZING service.  If today you haven't thanked someone who has served in the military, please make sure you have done that.
I got a hold of someone with a little power regarding my medical bill.  He said he would talk to the people who keep messing up and get back to me.  I heard back from him literally in three minutes, and he said that the office manager who has been holding things up would be fixing it today and calling me this afternoon.
Bubby napped - I can hear him just now stirring and considering waking up - and I got a nap in as well.
With what remained of Bubby's birthday money, I finally ordered the first year photo album/baby book I made for him  It arrived today, and other than one page that seems to have a mistake from the company (how the paper was cut), I am extremely pleased with the end result.
I am realizing, once again, that happiness is a choice, and am going to surround myself with people who I enjoy being with.  Not perfect people, not people who always believe exactly what and how I believe (some are soooo different than I am), not people who never annoy me or me never annoy them, but people that when push comes to shove I know I can count on to do the right thing and be the type of people I want my son(s) to know and have involved in my life.  I am not going to let the selfish decisions of others dictate my health, holidays, or happiness.
I appreciate those of who who left kind words earlier, and those of you who continually are praying for/thinking of me during this pregnancy, and well, life in general.
I saw yesterday my sister-in-law went for a run (she is a runner), and even though I am anything but a runner I would have given anything to run off some steam yesterday or earlier today.  Today I wish I could run for more than that, for the physical feeling of freedom that I assume comes from running.  Instead, I will probably make cookies later tonight.  Not eat-because-I'm-so-stressed-cookies, but eat-because-overall-life-is-still-good-and-God-is-in-control-and-knows-our-hearts-cookies.

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  1. Sometimes we just need to vent and have a shoulder to cry on and our God to talk and pray many a Mom has said to someone..."this to shall pass" will be okay...and sometimes the rough times we go through make wonderful stories will have some new things to write poems about. You will be in my prayers....take is a hug...:-):-)


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