Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Suzy Q's

My stepsister sent me a box of Suzy-Q's this weekend.  I had been craving them, but I had not purchased them yet. Upon arrival, I stuck them in the freezer because a SuzyQ is good, but a frozen Suzy Q is delicious.
A frozen Suzy Q?
Something I picked up along the way when in summers of my early adolescence I would spend a week at Grandma and Grandpa M's condo with a cousin - I think a different cousin each summer.  The week would include ordering Happy Joe pizza for lunch, lots of swimming, walking to a library, a trip to the mall in the evenings when Grandma got off of work, and raiding the freezer stocked with Suzy-Q's.
I bite into the cold treat and am transported back a decade and a half or more.  Girl with a whole wide world of possibilities waiting for her.  Girl who still has boy-ish figure, still scribbles middle school drama into diary pages, still paints fingers and toes in rainbow colors, still tries to be like My-So-Called-Life-character dying hair auburn.  Girl who has yet to be kissed, yet to have really traveled, yet to worship with her whole heart, yet to believe that everything will work out someday.
And this week I stand at my very own kitchen counter, trying to hide the chocolate from my seventeen month old cruiser and husband of nearly six years.  Girl who struggles some days to smile at the mirror, who struggles to balance passion and conviction with compassion and grace, who struggles to step out of her wallflower comfort zone and dance.  Girl who now can't remember the last time she went swimming with cousins,  who now knows the bonds of family may wear thin but somehow they remain amazingly intact,  who now loves in ways never imagined.
All this from the gift of a box of a childhood treat.

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  1. You are going to have to pardon the "Canadian" in me... I have no idea as to what a Suzy Q is? Must be an American treat!

  2. This post made me smile! I remember sneaking frozen Suzy Q's from the big freezer in the basement. And swimming, walking to the library, etc etc. I miss those simpler times!

  3. Manda - A Suzy Q is a treat Hostess makes. It is whipped cream sandwiched between two chocolate cake pieces. It looks similar to an ice cream sandwich shape, but it is like a Hostess cupcake without the frosting.
    Steph - They were simpler times, and I also miss them!


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