Saturday, November 20, 2010

stuff my kid is doing

  • Cruising like a pro.  Bubby can now pull up on walls and cruise along like a toddler spider man.  He still prefers cruising with the help of furniture though.
  • Getting into the trashcan.  Even though it has a pushbutton/pop-up lid, my genius child has easily figured out how that combo works and how to get into the kitchen garbage. Yuck!
  • Instead of just signing "more," Bubby is now saying "mo" or "momo" or sometimes "mama" but clearly meaning he wants more and not mom.
  • Repeating everything we say.  He usually just gets the beginning sound or the end sound and everything else is forgotten or said in his own way, but he definitely has the intonation down.
  • His receptive vocab seems strong.  Bubby can follow many simple directions and can point to a zillion different things.  He seems to be recognizing rhymes/words that sound a like.  For example, if I say "crash" when he knocks down his blocks, he points to the beloved trashcan.
  • He likes to say, "Go, go!"especially to the dog when she is chasing the tennis ball.  He will also say it when we are going in the car or sometimes when he is playing with his pushcar.  Last night he said it while I was stopped at a red light.  Road rage, already?
  • Some new "words" or rather sounds for objects since they aren't completely formed words - jer-juh (turtle - he is obsessed with the one that beagoodmom sent, but sadly Penny chewed it to bits when we weren't looking.  When he sees his other toy turtles, he goes and looks on the shelf where his other turtle used to live.  Sad.  I will need to get him a new plastic turtle this weekend.), Cheerios - 'sheyah-sheyah' (which always sounds to me that he is saying thank you in Chinese), ju/jus - juice (which he rarely has so I don't know why he picked up on it so quickly), app-a (apple, which he does not like to eat), hup - help - which I am teaching him to say when he gets stuck and needs help.
  • Bubby continues to make this adorable "oooh" face, which is extremely difficult to catch on the camera.  Thank goodness for digital.   


  1. happy 32 weeks!

    my youngest used to eat from the garbage can! soo soo soo gross! thankfully he hasn't recently, but when he was complaining about what i served, i asked him if he would rather eat garbage. he answered a resounding "YES!!!" *sigh*

  2. Caleb says "Cheerios" EXACTLY the same way!!! I love it and they will always be shey-shey to me now. :))
    And I second the juice thing. Caleb will hold up his cup and say, "juice please" It's always so puzzling, since he rarely has it. Now he tells me, "I don't yike it" when I give him milk. Hahaha... Oh man, they grow up so fast!


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