Monday, November 29, 2010

prayers are still answered

Today I read the best news I have come across in awhile.
Friends of ours got a call today, apparently out of the blue from their adoption agency, to come meet their new little baby girl.
I cried when I saw the pictures/news on facebook.
We met these friends shortly after moving to Missouri, and got to know them first at a church camping trip and then through a Sunday school class and small group.  They are missionaries to Zambia.  They are the most sincere Christians I know.  I cannot even begin to tell you about the journey to parenthood they have been on - it is not my place to share - but through it all, they have clung to Jesus.
And today prayers were answered with "yes." 
And a whole lot of people are cheering and celebrating and crying happy tears with them. And I am reminded of one more reason I cling to this Hope I know, this Faith I have come to believe is true.  Because within the community that shares it, people will pray with you and mourn with you and laugh with you and carry your burdens and shout with joy for you.  It is not just an answered prayer for this couple, but for a community of people who love them and want amazing things to happen for them.
They will be incredible parents because they are incredible people. I am blessed to know them.  I want to be like them when I grow up.


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