Monday, November 22, 2010

new every morning - or moments after that

I was reading from a variety of things last night before I went to bed - Matthew 4&5, Alicia Chole's Intimate Conversations book, Genesis 1-3, and The Overton Window.  Quite the assortment, right?  And I was journaling, which is something I have done less and less frequently due to the ease of blogging, but something I miss. Pen on paper recording thoughts, prayers, questions, answers.
And something struck me while I read through Genesis - the familiar creation and Adam & Eve story - familiar even to many who do not consider themselves a person of faith.  I cruised through the days and the "it was good," for I don't remember ever NOT knowing this account.  And then I got to the part where the serpent asks Eve, "Did God really say..."
And I was struck with a new thought.  Adam and Eve had it perfect - had everything they needed - the good life. And it wasn't enough.  They through all they had been given away to grasp at attaining something else.
My life is not perfect. But I have everything I need.  I need not throw it all away for the grass that will end up not being greener on the other side.

I went to bed thinking all of this, feeling full of faith.

And then Monday morning hit, and I had no memory of the precious time I had been given the night before.  I muttered, "I hate Mondays." as I trudged down the hallway for some Monday morning task.
But somewhere between the grocery store trip and the shower (yes, in that order) and the corn chowder with chiles and the fussy toddler who needed to eat and nap, mercy came down again. In the form of The Hubs home briefly at lunch but long enough to finish loading the dishwasher.  In the form of Bubby's crankiness stopping just by kissing his pudgy cheeks.  In the form of other bloggers sharing good news and struggles and profound thoughts and simple moments.  In the form of a few moments of quiet, just the clicking of the keys on a Monday afternoon.

His steadfast love pursues us even at the moments we deserve it least, but need it most.

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