Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is hard to nest with a toddler in the house.  When he is napping, I just want to nap/rest, too.  And I feel like when I clean up something, it just gets messy again.  I had done some pitching/cleaning/organizing in the bedrooms a couple of weeks ago, but things just felt unfinished.  Today I was able to accomplish a lot both with Bubby content to entertain himself/"help" me, and then my lovely husband also took him to run an errand at Target. On a Saturday.  Before Thanksgiving.
Here is what I got done:
  • lots of bedding/linens washed
  • kitchen counters, table, stove top, and microwave decluttered/cleaned
  • mail sorted to be filed, shredded, paid
  • dusting of bedroom and living room
  • master bedroom/closetpretty well organized/ cleaned  - at least as good as it is going to get for now (still need to do under the bed, but that is not going to happen right now)
  • Bubby's room/closet organized .. at least for a few hours!
  • living room decluttered
  • one annoying cabinet organized
Still to do before Turkey Day:
  • clean bathrooms
  • have The Hubs vacuum
Still to do in the next few weeks:
  • organize/clean out totes in garage and find a place for their contents
  • Christmas stuff
  • minor decluttering of the office

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