Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nana confusion

Bubby is obsessed with bananas.  It is one of his favorite words, and he enjoys eating them, too.  He will point them out when we pass by them in the grocery store, he recognizes them on a fruit puzzle he does during P.T., he can find them in a picture book he has.
There is a problem though.
Always part of the way through eating his cut up bananas he gets upset because they do not look any more like the banana in the pictures.  No peel.  No crescent shape.  He points to the bananas still on the counter and will yell, "Nana!"  Sometimes I allow him to eat the banana like a big boy (or like a monkey), but he is not very coordinated at this.
I have tried hiding the other bananas, but he will still get upset.  He does not understand that the banana on his high chair tray is the same as the other bananas.
It is about to make me go bananas!


  1. i must say i'm relieved to know that mine isn't the only child who does this. :)

  2. Sammy freaks out when I don't give him the whole of any food. If I break a rice cake in half, he throws a fit. If I break a cookie in half, same thing. He has to have all of it, or we have tears. I started breaking things out of his sight, but he has caught on to what a tampered piece of food looks like! We have started telling him that it is either part or none, and he eventually realizes part of a cookie is better than no cookie at all.


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