Monday, November 15, 2010


It has been an interesting last week filled with ups and downs.  If I just look at one area of my life it felt like a downward spiral of a mess that really is quite ridiculous because it stems from one person's dishonesty over something stupid.  I loathe dishonesty.  But when I look back at all the other areas of my life from last week, everything else went pretty well.  The drama just tried to overshadow all of the good.
Yesterday someone read a quote (and I don't remember the author) that said, "Happiness is a consequence not a destination."  There is never a magical number of things or accomplishments that will guarantee our happiness, but it will happen as a result of our outlook and our intentional thankfulness, even on days when it is hard to be thankful.

holy experience

Thankful today for:
316. The Hubs spending a lot of time this weekend deep cleaning the carpets in our house.
317. News of a major accomplishment for my friend's little boy reminding us that miracles are still happening every day.
318. Fun times with friends at the 80's arcade
319. discussing without arguing
320. years of good memories that cannot be purchased, bartered for, or taken away
321. call from best friend across the country
322. books in the mail for Bubby and a check for me to purchase an Alicia Chole book (thank you gift giver - I was able to get TWO!)
323. the library calling to tell me that it was finally my turn for the novel I requested weeks ago.
324. medical bill error being cleared up
325. groceries bagged the correct way
326. thirty-one weeks and counting

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