Monday, November 8, 2010

MM304-315 and other thoughts

I've been thinking about rudeness lately - the opposite of grace, which is something I have also been pondering for weeks.  There are so many times when I have not thought before I have spoken or acted and the result has been rudeness.  Sometimes it has been unintentional, and sadly, sometimes I have deliberately chosen to be a jerk.  It all comes down to selfishness really, putting myself before anyone else's feelings, wants, needs, and I think now more than ever I really am trying to not be selfish rude person.  Recently I have seen the result of selfishness and rudeness, and while it only indirectly affects me, I think watching other people get hurt is just as bad or even worse than being hurt yourself.
I know this sounds weird for a Multitude Monday/Gratitude post, but I am grateful that I am learning to try to not be selfish(though I have not mastered it yet).  It is such a difficult thing because it is human nature to look out for yourself and say, "Sucks to be you!" to everyone else, but I am hoping that I don't forget  that such an attitude always has consequences.

Giving thanks for:
304. an equal partner in the parenting process
305. Suzy Qs from my stepsister
306. time with family this weekend
307. the back and forth of cool and warm autumn weather
308. a toddler who took the time change like a champ
309. having enough
310. a new door to investigate for the coming months
311. the tradition of Saturday mornings with coffee, muffins, and my guys
312. Bubby cruising along the piano keys
313. the inconvenience of no longer having wireless internet and the blessing of less time on the computer
314. promising medical news for one of my favorite people
315. the number thirty

joining with Ann in a Monday of thankfulness


  1. I dont think any of us have mastered it yet, we are all in process as my husband tells me :) Thanks for your open heart!

  2. Loving my visit here, as always! Loving giving thanks with you.

  3. this is a sweet list. very timely as i can be so judgemental myself sometimes!! (why is it so easy!? i who have experienced so much grace)
    and an equal partner... that gets my win for the day! such a blessing

  4. I used to teach fourth grade too! Such a fun age, huh?

    I'm taking to heart your comments on rudeness. Isn't it amazing how self oriented we can be? I don't want to be that way either. Thanks, beautiful.

  5. #314 is my favorite! :)

  6. Yes, it's work to not be selfish - thank you for sharing so openly! Enjoyed reading!

  7. yes, I'm rude too sometimes. urgh.

    can't wait til someday when the sanctification process will be done... and then we'll be with Him forever :) yay!

  8. as much as I fight selfishness in myself it keeps popping its head up... determined to not let it win every battle.
    nice giving thanks with you today.


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