Monday, November 1, 2010

a little bit of Alicia

This weekend Alicia Chole posed about a dozen questions for us to reflect upon. Some I took tons of notes on, journaled about, thought about, prayed about, listened for answers to, and some I think were questions for a different season in life. The couple of questions that were the very profound OUCH/AH-HA moment questions I am not quite ready to blog about. But I am ready to blog about some of the other ones I found meaningful to me.
"When is enough, enough?" she asked.
Okay - that one was pretty much an ouch, too.
Some notes/thoughts I took away from that one -
  • Contentment's etymology actually used to have the meaning "contained."
  • Contentment - everything you long for is contained in what you actually have.
  • To be content we need 1)to know where we are going, 2)to be alert enough to know when we get there, 3)humble enough to know if we don't need to be there
  • What is the address for contentment AND is it WORTHY of your life?
  • What will FINALLY make you content?
  • Contentment is less about a place and more about a person.
  • Do we know who holds us and is that enough?
I think another question she posed later in the day was a great follow-up to the previous question:
Do you view time as a gift or a grinch?
At this phase in my life, this is a struggle.  On one hand, the mama-side of me realizes what a gift time is because every day I see it slipping through my fingers with Bubby.  Even though his gross motor skills are delayed, he is still growing up too fast.  Every day there are more lightbulb moments, more new things to record, and more facial expressions that are cute-little-boy-instead-of-sweet-baby.  On the other hand, I view time as a grinch.  There is rarely enough time to sleep, keep up with laundry, get the house the way I want it, call people back, and so on. Additionally I often think to myself, "I am almost thirty years old and what have I accomplished in this amount of time? Nothing extraordinary."  Time seems to be marching on, and yet often I feel stuck - physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally, etc.
Alicia asked us, "How are those around us affected by how we misview time?"  For me, they are affected by my discontentment, my crabbiness, my frustration, when I feel time is not on my side. 
She reminded us, "Time is a servant of sovereignty."
This month, when I am tempted to view time as a grinch - when the day starts too early, when the to-do list gets longer instead of shorter, when I wonder why we are still here, in this house, in this town, with this car - I am going to remember, "Time is a servant of sovereignty" and look for the ways in which time is really a gift for me to use and appreciate.

(Interested in Alicia Chole?  I don't know her personaly, but this weekend and during a week in college my life was impacted by her speaking.  Her website is - and she has written some books I can't wait to read and am putting on my Christmas list- Finding an Unseen God: Reflections of a Former Atheist; Annoymous; Intimate Conversations)

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  1. Sounds like a very thought-provoking meeting that you had with Alicia Chole. I will also have to see about reading her books. Can't wait to hear more about what you learned!


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