Friday, November 5, 2010


So we are having problems with our internet. The Hubs spent yesterday morning on the phone with the techie people and has it temporarily fixed.  However, we need a new router or to have it fixed, so until then my commenting/reading won't be as often as I like because wifi is almost essential with a toddler.  The room where the computer is now he and the dog get into lots of trouble. :)
A few quick bullets of Bubby's funniness the last couple of days:
  • telling the dog "no no no."
  • calling anything he can't touch (cords, remote controls, trashcan) "no no no"
  • (I really do try to limit saying no - and the dog hears it 10 times more than Bubby)
  • while I was showering, Bubby got a hold of the toilet brush and was waving it around like he was in a parade - YUCK
gotta go - he's into something!

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