Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa(s),
Many of you have asked what our family would like for Christmas or what we still need for baby.  I have a list of sorts set up for Bubby and Mac2.0 set up under my name under Target lists.  Mostly it is stuff we still "need" or "want" for Mac2.0's arrival (sheets, burp cloths), but a couple of clothing ideas for Bubby and also an extra carseat base and a cover for the carseat for winter weather.  I figure this way the various Santas that are purchasing for the boys can avoid duplicating things.  If more ideas are wanted for toys/ books/music I can try to add to the list for those things as well. 
I do know a couple of things Bubby is already getting from some of the grands/great-grands/unclesandaunts: Leap Frog Fridge Phonics, Leap Frog School Bus, some toy with tools that make sounds, ABC wooden blocks.
Bubby is wearing mostly 18 mo now and some 24 mo - so clothing in the 24 mo range is best.  He is tall and skinny so it is hard to find clothes that really fit him. :)  I bought size 4 baby shoes for him and they have a little room to grow. 
FYI: Something I have learned that has changed probably since many of the "Santas" had kids -- babies and toddlers cannot wear coats in their carseats.  It is unsafe.  Therefore the carseat cover for Mac2.0 would be great and fleece hoodie zip jackets for Bubby would be great. I do have a winter coat for Bubby already for the times he is out of the car in winter-weather.  Bubby loves books and music of all kinds.  Anything to help him build his vocabulary is great, too.

A final note to the Santas - the Mac family is on a very limited budget this year due to the job change and medical bills both current and the ones we know we will incur from Mac2.0's birth.  We say this to say just like last year our gift-giving will be limited.  We are not purchasing for each other or really spending much on others.  We say this just to let you know upfront why there will not be a huge UPS box from our house to yours, and not receiving one from others is once again just fine with us.
Those of you who have inquired what The Hubs and I would like anyway - gift cards or money or contributions to our medical bills are all great ideas.  We prefer to live debt free so that in the future we can be wonderful givers.  But at this time, we just have to get (medical) debt free. :)


  1. I think the gift list at Target is a great idea since you won't have the time or energy to exchange gifts! When you get a chance can you add some books/toys/music that Bubby or Mac2.0 might want? Also, what restaurants would you most like to gift cards from and does your grocery store have a website where a gift card could be purchased?

  2. I'm not sure what color your car seat is, but I have a black (fleece-lined) car seat cover. Had it on Craigs list for almost a month now with no takers. So, it's yours for free if you want it.
    Very gently used as we couldn't really even take our kids out of the house through the winter months. Ha!


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