Thursday, November 25, 2010

A brief Thanksgiving update

Well - Tuesday at my doctor appointment I was 2 cm and 80% effaced, so she sent me directly to the hospital to Labor and Delivery.  I was released Wednesday about 7 PM.  I am on drugs (procardia) to keep away the contractions, and I am supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible.
My parents drove down Tuesday night incase Mac2.0 came as quick as Bubby did once he really decided to arrive.
The high risk doctor has told me that people who at this point of pregnancy are at 2cm/80% have a 50/50 chance of going into labor soon.  And then with my history of preterm labor, my odds increase.  So Mac2.0 could arrive at any point - tomorrow or in eight weeks.  He mentioned that there is less and less evidence that the procardia works for more than 48 hours - it works for some people, but not for all.  It didn't work with Bubby for more than a few days.  So my gut is telling me within a week, but my hope is to make it at least 2-3 more weeks.
I have amazing family and friends.  Auntie Missa and Uncle Fman were on Bubby-duty both Monday night and Tuesday afternoon/night until the grandparents arrived.  So many friends have asked us what we need and how they can help. (Just by praying right now.)  Loved ones posted on facebook for people to pray for us.  We are blessed.
Today Missa and Fman and Missa's mom coordinated Thanksgiving - which was still hosted at our house because of space and my bro frying a turkey.  They cooked and baked most everything, and everyone pitched in with dinner prep and clean up while I pretty much took it easy.  It is really hard to stay off one's feet on a holiday - let me tell you - it is completely unnatural.  The food was awesome, and we had a good time eating, hanging out, and playing a little bit of cards.
Well, this brief update ended up not being so brief.  Perhaps there will be pictures another time.


  1. oh friend... i am praying... you must be a bundle of emotions. i'm so glad you're surrounded by family. what would we do without them? the happiet of thanksgivings to you, dear sister. e.

  2. i'm continuing to pray for you! for my last two pregnancies, i wandered around 2cm dilated for well over two weeks. i will pray that this will be the same for you! *hugs* happy thanksgiving!

  3. thanks for the update. We're thinking of you.


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