Friday, November 19, 2010


Once again I must say I miss having a working router(?) at our house.  Without it my computer time is extremely limited because Bubby cannot be entertained easily (well by his own toys) in the office.  I miss reading blogs at sippycup time and naptime.  Lately I have been napping when Bubby naps.  Napping is taking priority over blogs.  Sorry.  A toddler and an in-the-womb-baby are zapping all of my energy.

Wednesday night I was thrown up on without warning.
Bubby was a bit fussy in his crib. I went in to check on him, and smelled "popo."  As I went to pull him out of the crib, my lovely son puked. all. over. me.
As in on my shirt. Down my shirt.  Even down the clothing that I wear under my shirt. Nas-ty.
Premommyhood I think I would have thrown up with him right then and there from just the sound and smell of it, not to mention the feeling.  But I didn't.  The Hubs and I both went into action cleaning up the mess and Bubby.
The first half of the l----o----n-----g night Bubby was crying in pain, I think from his stomach.  Then the second half his nose became Niagara Falls.  I slept on the floor of his room. Bubby ended up on the floor, waking up frequently from his misery.  At 3 AM The Hubs took over for about half an hour because Bubby started grinding his teeth. Loudly.  That made me want to puke more than the puke.
Thursday was spent in survival and recovery mode.  Bubby did not eat or drink hardly at all, which concerned me.  All of the suggestions from friends on facebook did not work.  He ended up in bed with us last night, which meant a foot in my face at about 2:30 this morning.
But he seems to be on the mend and is much more himself today. Still not eating a ton, but drinking a decent amount.  The Hubs took full responsibility of Bubby for a couple of hours this afternoon, and I got caught up on some sleep.
And Starbucks had buy one get one beverage free today, so we sleep-deprived parents took advantage of free coffee.

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