Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Big 3-0 and MM 327-342

After the holidays are over in a few weeks, I will be turning the Big 3-0.  I have mixed feelings about this, but I think most of them are positive or neutral.  Honestly, with everything else going on, I have little time to think about it. 
I know I am not having a party.  Not because I am anti-party, but Mac2.0 is "supposed to" arrive just a few days before my birthday, and even if he ends up arriving much earlier, I do not think I want a bunch of people around my newborn in the middle of winter giving him the gift of germs.
I do have something I want for my birthday, but it cannot be wrapped in a box.  I semi-jokingly told The Hubs and my mom about it, saying I was going to put out a request on facebook for it.  But last night I was hit with the idea that I should ask people to pray about it for me.  I know this sounds vague and maybe a little kooky, but if you are person of faith (or even if you are not and you want to), please pray that God will provide this semi-miracle I am wanting before or on my birthday.  Pray and listen and see if He says anything to you about it.  If you are not a person who believes in God or prayer, consider at least wishing on a star or throwing a few coins in the fountain for me and my birthday wish.  I will post around my birthday regardless if God moves in the way I am hoping He may.  With all of the big needs of people around the world, mine seems trivial in comparison, but I believe everything matters to Him, and I am taking a step of faith putting this vague request out into the universe.  And maybe that is part of the gift I will be getting - increased faith.  If that is the only part I receive this year, I will be thankful for that.

Now sharing thanks with Ann's community:
327. being home in my house for Thanksgiving instead of in the hospital
328. surviving a nurse-in-training giving me an IV
329. my incredible parents driving down quickly to help with Bubby and incase Mac2.0 arrived
330. family doing pretty much everything for Turkey Day
331.  The Hubs going above and beyond with Bubby-care
332. laughing uncontrollably with The Hubs two nights in a row - the first night not even knowing why we were laughing - it felt really good
333. a couple of days into week THIRTY THREE
334. leftover cold turkey
335. pumpkin bars for breakfast and chocolate Fannie May turkeys
336. a full table and full bellies
337. blond hair in a ziplock baggie
338. people who care enough to call, text, send a message
339. going to bed with a clear conscience and the realization that I cannot make people change (and being sad, but okay with that)
340. pizza and Miracle on 34th Street with everyone at my bro and SIL's apartment
341. Uncle Fman and Auntie Missa taking big chunks out of their schedule to be on Bubby-duty
342. Advent - HOPE

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