Thursday, October 28, 2010


his words echoed at 2 a.m. as sleep evaded me
and I wondered if my words were thumping in his head as well
the white flag of surrender had waved earlier in the evening
for the baby needed dinner and a bath
yet we still secretly held onto the ends of our tug-of-war-rope
not pulling any more
but not letting go

and the morning came
with puffy eyes and stick-up hair
and we went about our days cordially
until lunch time
when our hands got tired of holding on
and we noticed the ropeburn and blisters

so we said the right words there in the sunlight on a drive across town
and in the moonlight the injured and callused hands intertwined
with tender words echoing this time
replacing the criticisms and contempt
with truth and grace and love

with true intimacy also comes such vulnerability
and the ability to hurt like no one else can
so why do we choose this at times
when we can just as easily mend and build and heal

the healing begins again
embrace of mercy
promise of hope
words of commitment
lifetime of surrendering to self

and it is good

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  1. it is good...and it is a moment by moment surrender...and some times i so easily choose the opposite...nice write...

  2. "yet we still secretly held onto the ends of our tug-of-war-rope
    not pulling any more
    but not letting go"

    Ouch. I relate to your words. Why do we do this to ourselves? When it is healing we want? You have shared this so beautifully. Thank you.

  3. Yes, Jesus is still the answer to every question and yes, Jesus heals and calms the storms and YES! He gives us grace to give and seek forgiveness and reconcile and restore and find the joy again. Thanks be to God!

  4. a lovely poem, an age-old tug-of-war... it's hard to surrender, then, hard not to surrender after a while. :)

  5. I've lived this too many times to remember. Well done.

  6. Oh, this you have captured the marriage tug of war perfectly. Beautiful!
    Thanks for following over at my place and for your kind comments.
    Blessings to you sweet wife and mama!

  7. an incredible write, girl. wow. love this:

    when our hands got tired of holding on
    and we noticed the ropeburn and blisters

    the metaphor is excellent. i like how you allude, yet don't say outright...

    and i know this painfully well. i tend to be less tender when i'm tired... (which is always happens to be at the end of the day when trent comes home :))... i'm trying to learn to still my tongue while Jesus stills my heart... let's pray for each other in this. thank you so much for linking. xo

  8. I know this scene very are not alone in your humanness. Lovely write

  9. So true, so honest. Why DO we choose the hard way so often? Sigh. Thanks for sharing.

  10. ahh...this very thing I've asked myself often. Very well said...
    Also, wanted to let you know, that I'm starting a linky-type-thing on Fridays called: If you have the time: short story share...but you can share essays, too. You can see my blog for details if you are interested, or point it to others who think might be. Thanks!

  11. Brave, honest, and true...i just love this!!

  12. oh so raw and so sweet. sometimes in those hard times, especially when the rope is still being held, i wonder why we don't give up. and then in those sweet times after, when we drop the rope and hold hands instead, i know the joy of walking through reconciliation, forgiveness and a deeper love. your words are beautiful! thank you. :)

    p.s still holding you in prayer. :)

  13. Keep holding onto that end of your tug-of-war rope - both of you - hold firm and don't drop it. It is good to have this rope between you. The trick is to remember that you both need to pull on the same end of the rope, for when you pull together, you will find the rope becomes a tool that helps you build a bridge, pull a boat, or swing a happy child.

    I Loved this poem and could relate so well to the feelings, disappointments, renewed vows, the blame, the love, the surrender. "Said the right words there in the sunlight" beautiful phrase and image - putting things into perspective and seeing with clarity what the next best thing, the right to do is.
    Nice work. Thought provoking and so human.


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