Thursday, October 7, 2010

there's still good news in the world

Every now and then I hear a cool story like this. But it is even better when you know the person involved in the story, which I do. Read it and you will be encouraged that there are still good things going on in this world.

Looking for some poetry, prose, art, and other such things to fill your Thursday and inspire you?  I once again recommend Emily's imperfect prose - where various bloggers contribute their thoughts, words, prayers, and more each week.


  1. Just stopped over and read it... WOW! I would have been teary and sober with humility if someone offered to pay for my groceries.
    What a blessing!

  2. A lovely blog you have. I like your poem on last week's imperfect prose. Sounds like you're children are just a joy.

  3. On a much smaller scale, a couple of weeks ago, a woman in front of me in the Starbucks drive-thru paid for my coffee.

    My uncle passed away after a lengthy illness last week. Two days later, my cousin and his wife found out they were (unexpectedly) pregnat with their third child.

    I think there's evidence of goodness and miracles daily, but so often it gets lost in the negative.


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