Wednesday, October 6, 2010

slow down

It seems I am trying to harness time
just as much as I am chasing to slow you,
boy who crawls much more quickly than I ever imagined

I want to capture these moments and hold them close
like I capture you and snuggle you at naptime
instead of having you fall asleep alone in your crib

You will be independent soon enough
jumping off bunkbeds, footie-free pajamas,
calling me Mom

I will not waste these moments
of Cheerio-breath, hesitant to walk,

I will collect each day,
beautiful or trying,
and save them in a scrapbook in my heart


  1. I love this. Mine is younger than yours, but lately I feel the same way. I want to remember every moment as she transitions from baby to little girl. May you find a way to save your moments!

  2. Yes, I feel the same way about my daughter. I want to remember it all, because it's all so beautiful to witness.

  3. i am right here with you. my boy's doing the same, and though he is my fifth baby, i keep savoring each little moment... they are so precious. this is lovely.

  4. And a mother's heart is the very best scrapbook of all.

  5. This is a great way to record the moments that fly by so quickly in a little person's life!

  6. smiles. i like the thought of the scrapbook of ones heart...they are very song lost another tooth last night...and that went in mine...

  7. this makes me cry.
    how i wish to soak them up, these cheerio-breath moments...

    how well you say it: the scrapbook of my heart.

    how beautifully you love.

  8. Independent soon enough, indeed. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Oh, how I miss Cheerio breath and footed pajamas! Yet, look forward to seeing God's work in these young ones we are privileged to raise. Blessings to you.

  9. i adore footy pj's!!! they just make them seem so young. my oldest has one set of 5t ones and they make him look like a clown but i still kind of enjoy when he wears them!
    and yes, hold on, snap those pics in your heart and mind's eyes... such a lovely post today!

  10. They grow up captured the heart of a mother and this precious time so beautifully!

  11. precious, precious...filled with love...the bodies change and grow...but the can hold onto forever.

  12. soak in every moment!

  13. this is wonderful.

    such a beautiful picture.


    amy in peru

  14. today was one of the trying ones, but there were precious moments of receiving butterfly kisses and snuggles from the momentarily repentant five year old. the juxtaposition made it all the more sweeter. i'm tucking that into my heart's scrapbook. i heart that phrase. :)

  15. Wonderful sentiments, lovely thoughts, for yes the years go by swiftly -- be always kind patience with them and teach them right,

    Nice imperfect prose,


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