Monday, October 4, 2010

searching for my gratitude

You know that lovely, gratitude-filled post from less than 24 hours ago... this is not a sequel.

My Monday is not going as well as my last few Mondays have gone.  My early morning grocery shopping routine was postponed till later in the morning.  While I saved almost $30 by shopping sales and coupons and buying only what was on my list (except two items I forgot to write on my list), the bill was still much larger than I think it should be for a family my size.

Bubby slept to a decent hour this morning, but he woke up cranky and with wet pajamas.  His crankiness hasn't ceased for more than a few minutes since he got up.  He is getting eight teeth in, and while he has dealt with this pretty well (the molars (?)  are really showing now and the incisors are pushing their pointy tops through), I think he has just had enough today.  And The Hubs and I get to suffer along with him.  He refused to nap until just a few minutes ago, even though his exhaustion was evident.  While I was attempting to keep up with the laundry, Bubby managed to push Ebby's water bowl across the kitchen (ignoring my "NO!"), and let me tell ya, a dog bowl can hold a whole lot of water.  I know this because I had the *joy* of sopping it up with a towel in the midst of loading the washer.

Oh, and right when The Hubs was leaving for work this afternoon, Bubby decided to have the nastiest diaper ever.  The only detail I will share is that I would have been better hosing him off instead of going through half of a wipe box!

He is finally napping now, and I am going to attempt to rest before the Physical Therapist shows up in about an hour and a half.  I am tempted to call and cancel, but my luck, as soon as I do that, Bubby will decide he doesn't need a nap, so I wouldn't be getting one anyway!

The one bright spot in all of this is that after the poop episode and the dog bowl debacle, I scooped my little boy up, got him snuggled up against me on the couch, and in a matter of just a few minutes he was breathing sweet sleepy baby breaths as his tiny hand clutched the edge of my sweatshirt.  I think God made babies/toddlers to have these sweet moments so that mamas can regain their sanity and remember that days like this are not a regular occurrence.

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