Monday, October 11, 2010

right on schedule

So the child who I believe about two weeks ago pulled himself to standing in order to disturb our radio-alarm clock has been putting up a fight not to stand this whole last week.  Last Monday for physical therapy we excused it due to rough teething.  But for a few days now, Bubby has been pretty much back to himself.  Except he will not stand - on his own or with us "encouraging" him.  I take that back - he will stand a bit if we are walking him around by putting our hands under his arms or armpits.  But to do his PT homework of cruising around furniture. Nope.  And today while the PT was here, he threw a big fit, even though she was more than patient and kind with him.  He threw such a fit that he made himself throw up.  YUCK!  (And I must have an awesome therapist because she assisted with the stinky clean-up.)  We got some work in, but not as much as we needed or would have liked.
The therapist informed me that the terrible two's actually start between 15-18 months.  Well, Bubby Boy is not going by his adjusted age for this milestone.  The calendar says he is a 16 month old, so apparently he does not want to be delayed in the attitude arena.
Luckily, he was a very sweet boy most of the rest of the day.  So much so that with our new-improved bedtime routine he was out, on his own in his crib, without tears or fussing in about ten minutes.  Thank you, Sara Groves cd.

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