Wednesday, October 20, 2010

reposting and revising a portion for imperfect prose

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch."
-- E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

Today I stretched out (somewhat uncomfortably on a weird doctor's office recliner) and listened to my baby undisturbed for quite some time.  I had been worried about not bonding as much with this little guy as I did with Bubby in the womb, but this morning I sat back in awe of this miracle.  A miracle that reminded me of him being a miracle when he gave me a little scare Tuesday.   When Bubby was first born (and okay, still from time to time now) I just would sit and watch him sleep, watch him breathe, completely mesmorized.  Today I felt similarly mesmorized as this morning I reclined, hands above the monitor on my belly, listening to one of the most beautiful sounds ever - a baby heartbeat and him kicking and moving around inside of me.

Humans are not some cosmic mistake, accident, phenomenon.  We are created too complexly for that, in my opinion.  Something that started out as two cells is now two pounds and fourteen inches long and with a heartrate in the 150's.There is a life growing inside of me - already alive and kickin' - and he is here for a reason, and I have the distinct honor of being his mama.

joining with others with Emily and imperfect prose today


  1. i remember the moments well when i first heard my sons' hearts, saw is a beautiful moment...and that is no mistake...

  2. ahhh, there is something so precious in a mama's heart and belly when she gets to see, hear, feel how REAL that life is. this is a sweet memory.

  3. :)

    what an honor we have, being mama


  4. being mama - its work and riches, that job.

  5. It is such a blessing to be a parent...this is beautiful! Congratulations by the way. :-)

  6. oh, isn't it all one big miracle? the life, and the love... and as we die to ourselves, a new person grows. beautiful, friend.

  7. I remember being pregnant with my second and worrying the same as you. Now that second is 19 months old, and my love for him is just as fierce as for my first. Amazing, isn't it? HOw love for people doesn't multiplies!

  8. Thanks for sharing this moment with us. Human life, especially as it's in the process of being created, never ceases to touch me!

  9. with my second and third children, i enjoyed those moments of listening and feeling mostly because of the quiet. it was such a special moment to concentrate on this new life, but also to just be. i'm not sure which was most important, but each were both precious gifts.

    you continue to be in my prayers. *hugs*


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