Thursday, October 7, 2010

nicknames for Mac2.0

I am a little weary of calling Baby#2 Mac2.0. It worked when we didn't know the gender, but now it seems impersonal. Bubby has had many nicknames - Bubby is the one that stuck the most (I know I used to write Buddy on here, but I know too many people with dogs named Buddy and in print it just never looked 100% right...)
So I am taking suggestions for nicknames for Mac2.0 - for the most part to call him online since we don't use our kids' super-cool real names on here. And I know nicknames evolve over time, but having some new ones to choose from would be great. We've exhausted the B-names (which is weird since Bubby's real name starts with a C)- Bubs, Bubba, Buddy, Booboo, Bubby...
suggestions?? Mac2.0's real name starts with a G


  1. being a name lover in real life, i'm totally curious as to your kiddos' names! (ahem)
    on my old blog i used bear and bunkin and when avery was born, he was bitty. but then i decided to use their names b/cs it was just easier for me. which is to say my own pregnant brain is not delivering any new goods for ya regarding cool bloggy nicknames!!!

  2. I think you should wait until he is born and see where he takes you. It was Pookie who came up with Giggles' internet name. We asked him one day what his sister's name was and he looked at her quite seriously and declared "Giggles."


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