Monday, October 25, 2010

neat stuff my kid is doing :)

We had Bubby's IFSP meeting because November will be six months since we originally met. IFSP is basically IEP for early childhood.  He had three goals - crawling, pulling to stand, and cruising on furniture - and he has met all three.  I am so happy because six months ago we were still working on getting him to put himself into sitting.  He has come so far, and I am thankful.  Now we have one new goal - which I think will be written as two - walking independently - inside and outside.  Our physical therapist doesn't think it will be too long with the way he is picking things up - just lots of different ways of practicing, and to help with any sensory issues he may have we are adding "brushing" to his "joint compressions" so that he has better body awareness.

What else is Bubs doing?
  • Waving to say hi and bye - though his wave often times is more towards himself than the person coming/going
  • Clapping hands and bouncing to music
  • Pointing to the cd player to request music
  • Pointing to objects when we ask where they are - for example he is great at finding the piano, the lamp, the couch, the dog, the kitchen, the tv (grrr), pillow, the fan, dada, and sometimes mama.  If I am holding him/asking him to find mama he does not do well. I think it confuses him. He probably is like, "Don't you know where you are, Mom?"
  • Playing with the dog - he likes to throw a tennis ball to her and if we are not careful, Bubby will try to put the dog's chew toy in his mouth - yuck!
  • Pointing to body parts - adding more and more - he now knows eyes, ears, nose, mouth/teeth, head/hair, toes, foot, fingers, belly/bellybutton 
  • Throwing things out of the bathtub, such as the cup I use to rinse his hair, especially when filled with water
  • He can point to/say shampoo while in the tub, but it actually sounds closer to poo-poo or mmmpoo
  • Two current favorite books are I Love You Through and Through and In A Dark, Dark Wood.  In the I Love You book The Hubs does a bunch of actions with him to help with vocab, and Bubby is getting really good at predicting the pages/motions.  In the Dark, Dark book there is a pop-out ghost at the end which he loves (he only cried once when I scared him with it accidentally).  When he turns the last page, he yells "A-GO!"  Somehow I lost this book today, and tonight he kept asking for it, pointing to his book tote and bookshelf saying, "Dock-dock."
  • Whenever one of his books mentions a lamb, Bubby points to his musical Beach-Boy-song-playing lamb, and says, "Baabaa."  Most kids baabaa means bottle.  My kid it means lamb.
  • He really isn't saying whole words yet, but he definitely knows words and is attempting to say them/match them up.  He will repeat most initial consonants, though a few words he does the ending sound instead of the beginning (for example "sock" he calls "ca-ca" I think because the hard c is easier than the s sound.)


  1. Oh don't you simply love the stages we witness through our children? It's been awhile since my girls were at the age of your little one. But I get to continually "take in" what they are doing. To see God work and wrestle out things in their hearts, is a beautiful thing.

  2. I love reading about all the things that Bubby is accomplishing!! Way to go, Bubby!!


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