Monday, October 11, 2010

multitude Monday 256-267

holy experience

I have tried to write last night and earlier today, but my thoughts seem scattered, disorganized, and when I jot some down they seem obligatory instead of sincere.  I'm not a fan of insincere.
So just some photos and a list for now, which I type with only my left hand since Bubby is leaning on my right arm guzzling a cup of milk.

256. a trip to the pumpkin patch

257. warm October days  (if it can't be autumn weather give me summer heat over frigid winter any day)
258. a husband who gets our son fed and keeps him entertained so I can have some extra Monday morning sleep

259. granny smith apples
260. watching college football
261. a semi-new bedtime routine that seems to be working
262. miraculous stories of God working in the hearts of some who live in Iran
263.  clean towels
264. lessons on comparison
265. Saturday morning coffee runs
266. Tuesday night visit with a great friend while the kids played
267. looking back to this time last year and seeing continued growth



  1. We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, too. Crazy, isn't it, how much difference a year makes?

  2. Your little pumpkin sure is cute!


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