Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my cup still overflows

I am finding more and more that joy is not just in the once-in-awhile-big-moments, but joy is present daily in the small and seemingly insignificant.  And these moments I am finding are actually the most significant of all because if I am not careful they slip by without notice, without fanfare.  One of the gifts of the digital age is not saving the photo ops just for holidays, birthdays, and vacations, but instead choosing to document the everyday that makes up my ordinary-but-the-cup-still-overflows-life.
unloading the groceries

wandering to Mama and Dada's room to read a book

a new recipe for yummy corn and pepper chowder

clean and folded linens
vigorous teeth brushing
the first taste of Mama's homemade chocolate chip cookies - if this isn't joy, I don't know what is

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  1. smiles. some beautiful little moments...and there is much joy in those ordinary exceptional moments...

  2. Looks like Bubby was going to undo the clean and folded laundry! Great pictures of your "ordinary" moments!!

  3. mmm, precious. i know just how special these moments are. breath them in deep.

  4. I want some of that corn and pepper chowder! That looks very much not ordinary to me! (or am I just really hungry?)

  5. beautiful...flow, flow, flow! Each moment is such a precious gift.

  6. i'm also seeking, finding and clinging to those little moments of joy. i'm so grateful for digital cameras with which to document and enjoy these many precious moments. :)

    can you post/link to the chowder recipe? i made the pumpkin muffins yesterday. they were delicious. except that i couldn't find my regular muffin tin, so made mini muffins. eventually i got impatient and filled a snowman mould instead. i'm not sure what it's actually for, but i made snowman muffins/cake. my two year old was overjoyed!

    thanks for the prayers. last night was better. i was actually somewhat peaceful. thank you! *hugs* i'm praying for you as you mourn ebby lou.

  7. i love how you see life. i love that for you, these moments overflow. because now we can experience your joy... it is such a gift, friend. and i love your son's unloading laundry and brushing vigorously and chewing cookies--you are such a good mama. love to you. xo

  8. I just love your joyous and grateful heart!...Would love to try some of that delicious corn chowder as well! :-)

  9. Saw that you posted the chowder recipe above. Can't wait to check it out! The beauty of fall, sweater weather, perfect for a nice warm bowl of chowder. Joy, indeed! Thanks for stopping by my place with your kind words. Blessings.

  10. yummm... chowder, and baby and book... :)

    amy in peru

  11. yummy post,
    love your baby,
    innocent and funny at the same time.
    fabulous prose.


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