Sunday, October 17, 2010

grace in the mail and MM 268-281

After my feeling pretty good about myself on Friday, something must have happened as I slept Friday night.  Saturday I woke up feeling...not so content.  I can't even exactly put my finger on it except the best way I can describe it is feeling stuck.  Like waking up with gum in my hair emotionally - feeling stuck in this house, in this place, with these circumstances - though I couldn't quite verbalize it for half of the day.  Somehow, I was able to get myself together enough to go for a walk with my guys and the new dog, and just getting out, and talking a little bit helped, and the cloud I chose to put above my head that day started to lift because I made the decision to allow it to be lifted. Then I came home to a sweet note and nice surprise in my mailbox - and on a day when I did not deserve a random act of kindness, I received one.  Yet another reminder of grace.  And this grace will yield more grace as it is a ticket to caffeinated goodness which I have a feeling I will need sometime this week.  Thank you, friend.

holy experience

268.  beautiful weather
269. Saturday afternoon walks and Wednesday morning, too
270. a new dog, whose only accident has been because of fear of the vacuum cleaner

271. seeing old friends we haven't seen in a couple of years
272. making my little boy laugh with ridiculous antics
273. husband cleaning up puke without complaint
274. random acts of kindness and the reminder to pay it forward
275. baking that turns out
276. Bubby repeating lots of initial consonant sounds as we work on vocab skills
277. simple Sunday night joy of The Hubs and I playing with Bubby/work on physical therapy

278. watch Bubby's light bulb moment as he gains more confidence cruising around the furniture (with a little - but less than before - support) and walking (without us holding on) as he holds on to his push car
279. seeing Bubby point to words across two pages in a mimic-mama/dada type of way - joy to this former teacher's heart...emergent literacy! :)
280. laughter, as usual, Sunday mornings at 10:30ish

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  1. I love to receive those precious grace gifts in mailboxes... happy for #275 today as I just pulled it out of the oven.


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