Tuesday, October 12, 2010

goodbye friend

If you aren't a dog person (or pet person), I'm sure it is hard to relate.  I don't mean that as judgment...just fact.
But I am a dog person.  We had a great family dog during my teen years... Zoey.  My mom had to put her down a few years ago, and even though I was married and no longer at home, it was still a very sad time for me.
And today we put down our sweet Ebby Lou.  The Hubs and I got her from the humane society within a week or two of moving from Arizona to Missouri.  We were told she was younger than what she ended up being, so we also assumed she would be more lab (and get taller) than she ended up being.  Big body, little legs, bat ears...she was a slightly odd looking dog, but she was adorable to us.
I remember our furniture hadn't arrived yet when we adopted her, and we had to wait for her to get fixed (which she ended up already being fixed) before we could take her home from the pound, and The Hubs and I were sleeping on the floor brainstorming names for our soon-to-be-puppy.
In the early days she chewed on the corner of our bathroom cabinet.  That is not my favorite memory.
She chased squirrels and in her prime she caught a few.  This made The Hubs very proud.  Having my dog bite off a squirrel's head made me want to vomit.
Speaking of vomit...she would sit next to me during some rounds of morning sickness with my pregnancies.
After coming home after my miscarriage I remember snuggling up with her at times.  She would listen in her doggy-way as I cried.
She loved car rides, especially when it involved a trip to Andy's and a free doggie cone.
Ebby loved Bubby.  I really think she thought he was her child.  When we brought Bubby home from the hospital she was very curious, but also very gentle.  He was in pain due to the circumcision, and we had to shut the door when we changed his diaper that first day or so because Ebby sat outside and cried along with him - thinking we were doing something to hurt her baby.  On nights when Bubby cried in his crib, she would whine or even come try to get us to do our job, which apparently we were not doing up to her level of satisfaction.
In recent weeks she had allowed Bubby to "pet" her - which involved him throwing his whole body weight on her torso followed by pulling at her fur, tugging on her tail, and poking her in her eyes while babbling loudly in her ears. She didn't mind.  She just wanted to lick his face.
I met The Hubs after work at the vet.  Bubby and I had spent some quality time with Ebby during the afternoon.  I couldn't handle going in, so I said my good-bye in the parking lot.  The Hubs said it was very peaceful and painless for Ebby.  She was a wonderful family dog.  And now we are very sad because she is gone.
But I know will be finding her fur for months around the house. :)
Ebby in 2005 or 2006


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose someone so loved. My heart goes out to you.

  2. I'm so sorry. That broke my heart. I'm thinking of you.

  3. I'm glad you have written down your memories so that you can show them to your boys someday. Bubby will be happy to learn about his first dog.

  4. i am so sorry. i still miss my cat that we had to put down in 2000. *hugs*

  5. I'm very sad about Ebby. She was my first grand-dog and I am grateful for the years of comfort and pleasure that she brought to all of you and to me. I love my memories about her investigating the "magic" suitcase and the "magic" door in my house and how she thought every suitcase should hold some special treats for her. She was an outstanding dog that held an important place in our family. She will be missed!

  6. Sorry for your loss... Pets can easily become such a part of the family that once gone we feel their void.
    Sending you Hugs!!!

  7. This is beautiful... what wonderful memories for you and your family. You know I'm a dog person too - I get what you mean. If I could have one thing in my life right now, it would be a dog!

    Happy Saturday dear.


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