Sunday, October 3, 2010

date night and MM 246-255

Over the last sixteen months The Hubs and I had been on three dates.  October, January, and July - all of which were free or almost free.  Before Bubby was born we thought we would take a "babymoon" - just a long weekend somewhere nearby - but when one's child comes eleven weeks early, well, plans change and the money goes to medical bills.
Sooo, knowing that with my history Mac2.0 potentially could come anytime in the next fifteen weeks (we are praying for at least ten more weeks in the womb), we decided to have our fourth date night because it could be a very long time before we get one again.
And what did we do?  Dinner at Chili's for the promo they have going on and then walked around only browsing the bookstores and talking.  Exciting? Nope.  Wonderful?  Yes.  I love being a mom to Bubby more than pretty much anything, but that being said it was nice having uninterrupted conversation, feeding myself without having to cut up part of my meal to share, not having to cart around a diaper bag or a stroller, and not being rushed at all Saturday night.  And after a few hours away, I came back to my sweet little boy in his footie pajamas.

holy experience

246. Baby J home from the NICU and seeing his sweet little pictures online
247. a pot roast that provided dinner or part of dinner for four nights!
248. great conversation with The Hubs this weekend
249. coffee and time with grown-ups only Friday morning
250. Bubby pulling up to stand
251. a brother willing to give me a shot once a week
252. learning that our things we dealt with in the first few years of marriage were completely normal - who knew?? :)
253. sprawling out on the couch in sweatpants
254. finishing Bubby's first year book
255. knowing Monday is my most productive day of the week


  1. Yeah for date nights! Oh how we need more of those! I'm so glad you took the time just to be with your hubby!

    from the gratitude community

  2. Yes, we learn even the simplest things are wonderful when we have little to no access to them. Yay for date nights!



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