Tuesday, October 19, 2010

at least I shaved my legs this morning

It has been an interesting 24 hours or so. 
Monday night while Mike was about an hour away working, I started having a word sensation in my upper abdomen... not painful, just weird.  I kept an eye on it for awhile and then texted my cousin who recently had a baby to ask, "Did you feel anything like this ever?"  She told me to call my doctor. When I told her I would if it got worse she repeated CALL YOUR DOCTOR. :)
So I did.
Because with Bubby I felt nothing - I woke up one morning to bleeding.  I didn't feel contractions until a few days later - I think the day he was born - even though I was dilated and contracting to some extent. So I have nothing to go off of for Mac2.0.  It is in some ways at like being a first time pregnant lady at this point.
So the nurse on call took my info, gave me some advice, told me it was most likely Braxton Hicks, and after a couple of hours and lots of water and as much rest as a puppy and a toddler can give a person, the sensation went away.
This morning I had my glucose test.  Fruit punch glucose test juice was not as tasty as the lemon-lime, but I survived.
This afternoon I took it easy.  Bubby dozed on my lap from 11-1 (very rare!), and I dozed off and on while The Hubs worked on paperwork.  I was feeling weird cramps in my very lower addoment off and on, and throughout the afternoon they got more intense and more frequent.  Around 2/2:30 I called my doc, and whem they took my info today they told me to go to the hospital right away because of my history and what I was describing.
I have to say I love my hospitals L&D staff.  I loved them with Bubby, and they were equally lovable today. I got in, they put me on monitors, Mac2.0's heartrate looked good, and of course, like a car you take in to a mechanic that suddenly stops making that weird noise, my pains started dissipating.  They monitored me for quite awhile.  Then they took a lab that could show if I was going to be going into labor in the next two weeks... BUT the lid didn't close on the specimen, so they couldn't get results because they were contaminated.  I may get the test done tomorrow if the doc wants me, too.  They couldn't redo the test because they had checked me to see if I was dilated (Praise God! I was not!), and apparently that would mess up the lab results, too.
So I go to the doctor for my regular appointment tomorrow. I also get my first round of steroids to help Mac2.0's lungs should he come early. (This was already in the works, not as a result of today's episode.)
I joked on the way to the hospital that at least I decided to shave my legs this morning.  There's nothing more humiliating than a hospital gown and hairy legs! :)  Next to do to prepare...remove chipped toenail polish and pack a hospital bag... just incase!


  1. wow..that's eventful. so i'm very glad that you're not dilated and i'm going to be praying for you much more frequently that mac 2.0 stays in longer. how many weeks are you again? *hugs* to you, faraway blogger friend. :)

  2. I love the title of this post! =)

  3. Thank you for calling the doctor. Love you!

    Cousin Michelle


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