Friday, September 17, 2010

what is Bubby up to these days?

  • crawling like a pro - this boy is FAST, and I don't remember the last time I saw him army/belly-crawl
  • letting us work with him on pulling to stand, standing, and cruising around the coffee table - he does not like when we make him stop locking his knees, but he does enjoy standing most of the time
  • chasing the dog - he is fascinated with his bestie
  • wanting Dada for everything - when the Hubs is at work or in his office, Bubby crawls around the house calling for him/looking for him
  • pulling clothes out of the bottom two drawers of the dresser - I have decided I am no longer going to fold these clothes on a regular basis
  • loving having his teeth brushed - we have a silly song we sing, and when he hears a phrase from it or just the word "teeth" he does a brushing motion with his fingers on his teeth - pretty stinkin' cute
  • continued fascination with belly buttons
  • continuing to love his books and musical toys
  • some crying when we leave him in the nursery on Sundays - just enough I think to let us know he is attached but I think he settles down pretty quick
  • continuing to sign "more," "please," and "all done" - though not always doing so at the correct times
  • babbling with intonation and some facial expressions but still only saying Dada (and once in awhile Mama) with true meaning/understanding


  1. how old is your bubby? and how far apart will teh sibs be? this is such a fun age, w/ all the cute expressions (facial or vocal) and the crawling (oh i miss seeing a crawling baby bum).

  2. I would like to see him doing all of these fabulous things (except crying in the nursery)!

  3. Bubby is 15.5 months, but developmentally about 13 months. The boys will be a little more than a year and a half apart.


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