Saturday, September 18, 2010

we've created a monster

When The Hubs gets a fru-fru iced blended coffee drink (frap), Bubby sees the whipped cream on top and smiles and claps with glee.  Not only does he want a taste, I think he thinks he is entitled to the fluffy, sugary goodness. This morning, thanks to Bubby sleeping in, we went to Starbucks instead of our local coffee venue.  As The Hubs took Bubby out of the car, a huge smile spread on his baby face.  Inside he clapped and squealed as he devoured spoonfuls of whipped cream.  He did sign "all done" when he had enough, so I don't think we have to worry about bad eating habits with our son. 
We have created a monster - a cute, pre-coffee addict monster.  What did we expect when he spent the first two or three months of his life on prescribed doses of caffeine? :)

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  1. my kids have actually had their own frappuccinos! it's so sad... my hubs is a Sucker and after that sense of entitlement and the ensuing tantrums, i sort of gave up!! hubs and i met over coffee, so i'm pretty sure coffee runs in their blood! LOL


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