Wednesday, September 29, 2010

waiting room

this is what we have been called to
for this season


for an answer, direction, a door, a window

and we sit in this room
in uncomfortable chairs
watching others go through the doors and down a hall
or come out and exit with a note in hand
while we sit
and continue to wait

for our name to be called

we get up and check the progress
inquiring how much longer
but no concrete answer is dispensed

so we wait

and do our best to encourage one another to stay strong
when we feel like leaving
giving up

we offer our waiting, our trusting, our keeping of faith
as a sacrifice
an offering of all we have to give right now
not demanding anything in return
but hoping this gift is acceptable
while believing the outcome of waiting will someday

be revealed


  1. the waiting room is the hardest for me...i want to go & do, move forward, move i end up there a lot...smiles.

  2. Yes, I'm also hoping your family is okay. Waiting can be hard - may the Lord be with you.

  3. waiting. i can relate to this. it seems there are always seasons (and rooms) of waiting. of needing to sit still, be still, KNOW.

  4. Thanks, friends. We are okay - just in a place where I wouldn't say we feel stuck, just wanting to know what we are supposed to do next/how things will turn out, and we have been shown that we are just supposed to wait right now. And that is SO HARD! :)

  5. So beautifully written, and yes, the waiting is so incredibly hard...but tremendous growth happens during the "waiting" always does.
    gentle steps

  6. Been there in that place so many have captured that place so beautifully. :-)

  7. so beautiful. So much of life is waiting on the Lord's timing. I trust that as you wait, you'll discover more about the Lord and His plan for you.

    Thanks for blessing me with your words today.
    p.s. I love your blog's tagline...I have a two year old and another one on the way and I feel like I need a map sometimes:)

  8. whether intentional or not, the waiting room metaphor - so powerful, and beautifully described here. thanks for writing it down, and sharing.
    much peace.

  9. I know a LOT of people who are in a season of waiting right now, wondering, "Where are you, God?", and hearing only silence, including yours truly. It is hard to wait...your words said it well. Just as in days prior to giving birth, we are being stretched beyond where we think we can go. We don't see it yet, but God is enlarging our foundation, and making room for more of His Presence. I wish you peace in the waiting, and joy in birthing of His blessings. :)

  10. we are waiting too. thank you for this offering on waiting. it speaks to me today.

  11. oh friend...


    waiting is so hard.

    but you say it perfectly: faith, a sacrifice

    and he will honor you. please, keep me posted. love to you and your little guy. e.


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