Saturday, September 4, 2010


I think this may be what I want.

It sounds like the best option, and it should be adaptable to the infant carseat we already have from when Buddy was littler.  I don't think they have this version at Toys'R'Us though, so we couldn't do the trade-in.  I need to do some more research/looking but this is what the Hubs and I have in mind right now.


  1. Have you ever seen those ones where the baby sits under the big kid? Your poor baby would get an inferiority complex! Anyhoo...We had a Colcraft Contour for Giggles. They make a double stroller too. We liked ours.

  2. Yes - I have seen them out and about. At first I thought they looked kind of convenient, but then I had the same thought - poor baby on the bottom! I am continuing to research double strollers and irritated that our Evenflo baby seat won't work with any it seems! Oh well. :)


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