Sunday, September 19, 2010

sisters & M.M. 219-

It has only been in the last year that I have gotten to know my two step-sisters.  It is too complicated to explain on here, and really so much has changed in the lives of myself, my family members and the dynamics of things that I don't really feel an explanation is necessary at this point.  Anyway, I write that to preface what I am writing about today.
S got engaged this month, and today went shopping for a wedding dress.  Thanks to technology and E taking/sending pictures via cell phone, I got to "be there" for the event.  And I am choking up as I write this, but I am just so thankful at how easily S &  E have accepted me, The Hubs and Bubby into their lives.  Nothing of past drama or hurts or questions have been brought up - they have just incoporated us into their lives, even from long distance.  They are extremely proud aunties of Bubby and spoil him rotten.  I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more and get to know each other better.
I only had one brother growing up, so it has been fun learning to be a sister of sisters, even at this later stage of the game.

My weekly gratitude list:

holy experience

219. about 300 emails (probably more - just not all got saved) from my long-distance courtship with The Hubs (a post on this hopefully later this week)
220. deep conversations with The Hubs
221. looking at wedding dresses - how fun!
222. yummy stuffed jalepenos wrapped with bacon in PG class
223. surprise parties and celebrating with friends
224. Bubby sleeping late two days in a row
225. browsing bookstores but not buying anything
226. first payday in a long time
227. good deals
228. the in-law panel - learned a lot, laughed a lot
229. the happy noise Bubby makes when he eats
230. the smell of baby shampoo
231. little toes sticking out of "big boy" pajamas
232. the anticipation of an upcoming '80s afternoon in November
233. texting


  1. Such an exciting time for you all! I'm so thankful that prayers were answers, hurts were mended, and that lives are so extremely blessed! Love you!

    Cousin Michelle

  2. my hubs and i once went through all of our dating emails ... so wonderful, technology, when it records memories so sweet!

  3. What a beautiful list. Knowing family drama, I am rejoicing with you and in awe of how God works things out.

    I also love little toes peaking out of jammies! :)


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