Thursday, September 16, 2010


My son woke up with a pretty high temperature yesterday...sick again. I feel so bad when he doesn't feel well.
Yet one of the "perks" of him being sick (if I can phrase it that way) is that he is a bit needy and very snuggly. On sick days he loses his independent streak and rests his head on mama or dada's shoulder. He is content to be held and to rest. He would rather be near us than with his toys.
And I thought of the verse in the Bible yesterday where Jesus talked about coming for the sick - which of course He meant more than physically sick (though He came for them, too). And I thought how when we are at our low points, we lose our independent streaks and acknowledge that we just want to be held so that we can rest. We realized the contentment found in the arms of God when we have been stripped of everything else.

"Then Jesus said, 'Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.'" Matthew 11:28 (NLT)


  1. I often felt guilty about these "perks" too when mine were little. "We realized the contentment found in the arms of God when we have been stripped of everything else." Sweet. What a beautiful parallel!

  2. What a beautiful comparison and it is so true! I love that my kids cuddle when they're sick and I love how I can turn to God for that same comfort when I'm low.
    Beautiful words.

  3. This is so true and beautiful...thank you for sharing it with us today. :-)

  4. hmm it is indeed wonderful when our littles ones get a little sick and need the snuggles! My little guy is oding the same today.

    And I love the comparison! thank you!

  5. truth...painful at times finding ourselves sliping to the end of that rope...hope your little feels better soon!

  6. Beautiful thoughts. Love you!

    Cousin Michelle

  7. Hmm...I feel myself being one of the "sick" ones lately and just wanting extra comfort. I think I'll borrow your analogy to explain myself more clearly to my husband. Thanks for sharing.

    I pray your son is better today. It's so hard watching our children suffer.

  8. Oh I had such a busy, busy little one, who was only calm and snuggly when sick. She's 30 now!
    I have had a health scare this week and am snuggling down in His arms right now. Thanks for the reminder that I am safe there.

  9. my son is sick right now too, but i hadn't drawn this comparison... now, every time i hold him, i will think of your beautiful words, and i will lay my own head on Jesus' shoulder and let him care for me. you ministered to me tonight. thank you so much, friend. xo

  10. What a wonderful feeling to be the one to whom a baby goes for comfort. It's a lot of responsibility, though, isn't it?! With tied hearts come obligation - I've been walking life mostly alone for a while now, and this is a special reminder to snuggle up to Jesus. He can handle it.


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