Thursday, September 9, 2010

not allergies

So while the Hubs was working yesterday afternoon/early evening, Bubby was in pain - screaming and crying and not resting and just misereable.  When Hubs got home we took the little guy to urgent care because we weren't sure what we were dealing with.  At urgent care, the nurse and the doctor did not like at all what they were hearing (or in the case of the left lung not hearing), so they thought we might be dealing with pneumonia.  Xrays showed we were not (thank goodness!), just a really bad case of bronchiolitis.  So Bubby is on some steroids and a nebulizer breathing treatment.  He hated the breathing treatment at the office, but last night and this morning he has done really well for his treatments.  We actually all got a little bit of sleep between treatments last night.
I head to my regular (not OB) doctor today because I still feel miserable - now with bad coughing and sore throat - and since I'm pregnant, I thought I should get it checked out.
Hope to catch up on reading Imperfect Prose and other blogs today, but I may not...

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