Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a lesson

I went to bed with something annoying on my mind last night.  Bubby and I woke up much too early this morning.  I would love to go back to bed, but that doesn't look likely to happen as Bubs is pushing his toy lawn mower around right now with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.
So to fight off the crankiness I feel is trying to crowd my day and steal my joy, I will choose to reflect on the amazing Monday I had yesterday.  It really was great - especially for a Monday.
Bubby and I had a lovely morning of playing and running errands.  I successfully made delicious pumpkin cream cheese muffins that are pretty close to the Starbucks variety. 

Physical therapy got cancelled, so instead I spent that hour on the couch snuggling the boy who needed to nap.  And best of all, Bubby pulled up to standing on his own.  The physical therapy is working - slowly, but surely.  Just when I think I must be doing something wrong, I must be needing to do something more because he just is not progressing like I think he should be, my little boy proves me wrong.  Another reminder that I need to relax, stop looking at the "typical timeline of development," and enjoy the progress towards and attainment of each milestone.  And I think this applies not only to my role as mama, but also to how I view life.  Stop comparing, stop wanting the next best thing, stop worrying about the "how is it all going to work out," and try to enjoy this place, this journey, this ride.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


  1. A) I love your hardwood floors.

    B) That picture of the little man is TOO CUTE!

    C) I think those muffins look BETTER than Starbucks. Are they labor intensive? Recipe?

  2. Danavee - Thanks! The recipe was really easy (I mean if I managed to not mess it up, that says something!) And the cost of making a dozen is abut the cost of one and a half at Starbucks. I will send it via facebook to you.

  3. I love the look on his face in that pic! And yay for him . . . pulling up is hard work, after all!


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