Wednesday, September 1, 2010

in the waiting room

This morning I was subject to viewing a guy for a prolonged amount of time - a skinhead - tattooed with all sorts of hate.  Nazi symbols, skulls everywhere, White Power, all permanently displayed in ink on every inch of his body.  I saw him at the doctor's office.  He sat next to his pregnant girlfriend in his (what I internally labeled this morning) "true-to-stereotype wife beater" shirt.
How can one be so proud of such ignorance?  So proud of hate that he becomes a human billboard promoting hate against people groups who most likely have done nothing to him?
And, quite honestly, I fought against my own hate - the hateful thoughts that, though not displayed for the world to see, screamed, "Why does this man get to have a baby when so many wonderful people I love, people who love others, are still waiting?!!"
And tonight I fight back tears - for this man's unborn child, who without a miraculous intervention, will more than likely repeat the cycle of hate.
And I cry as I pray for my friends who continue to wait for children with whom to share a life of love and understanding and respect.


  1. this is so sad, and yet i too can be so quick to judge, to label, to eat my words, ugly and tasteless. i pray that his ink reflects past mistakes, or that he learns grace and that his little one to be stops the potential cycle. i pray for God to hold the ones who long to hold another.

  2. i pray that the cycle never know...the world is full of miracles every day...and hopefully a few for those trying as well...

  3. oh, to be grace, in a world of the lost... i appreciate your vulnerability here, friend. xo

  4. This is sad, yet sometimes I wonder if people like this just wear on the outside what so many carry inside but unseen. If my heart and mind were tattooed all over my body, what would people see?

  5. It's so hard to see someone so young marked with the banner of hatred instead of love. And, as you say, apart from supernatural intervention, the pattern which formed him will continue. Yet you were there, at that moment. No accidents.

    To hate the banner of his hate and pray for his heart to be redeemed by the banner of His love.

    And because you shared, we can pray for him, too.

  6. i understand how you feel in this situation...all we can do is pray for those that may understand - the truest of love someday...blessings...bkm

  7. So sad, somethings are hard to understand, I wonder what cycle this young man had to go through :-( I pray the cycle of hate be broken!

  8. some things we can never understand.
    but we can be the one who makes a difference to someone maybe.
    it's so complicated ...
    well told

  9. sad story, I pray alongside you, for this young man and his child


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