Monday, September 13, 2010

The Hubs and M.M. 207-218

Husbands can get a bad reputation - on tv/movies, in chatter with girlfriends, even within one's own thought-life of "If only HE was more like ME"...  But my husband is not me.  And that is (usually) a good thing.  He is not going to notice things I notice or do things the way I do them and sometimes this will annoy/frustrate me, just as I am sure when I don't notice things he notices or do things the way he does them it probably annoys/frustrates him.
All of this being said, I just wanted to take a moment and brag on The Hubs. My guy.  He held down the fort this week while Bubby and I were fighting off illness. He did laundry, emptied/loaded the dishwasher, didn't complain that there was little choice of food in the house, played with Bubby, made sure I got a nap a few times, took Bubs to the doctor so I could go to MOPS, held Bubby when he awoke at 3:45 AM, mowed the lawn, and met with nine (or ten) clients this week plus some other work stuff.
I know there were moments that could have turned ugly this week - with both of us overtired and me not feeling well - but by the grace of God (and some patience/wisdom miraculously bestowed upon us), we handled things surprisingly well. Perfectly?  No.  But well?  I'd say so.  But instead of pointing out the minor complaints, I just wanted to say I am so thankful to be on this journey with him.

holy experience
207. The Hubs
208.  cream cheese pumpkin muffin
209.  antibiotics
210. wonderful urgent care nurse
211. breathing treatments
212. first MOPS meeting
213. transparency from others so that we all can grow
214. Friday night praise and worship - and Bubby being good enough for me to stay for half
215. Michigan beating Notre Dame (sorry, Mandy R!)
216. Bubby attempting to repeat the phrase "Thank you" to The Hubs
217. beautiful Sunday weather
218. starting to better understand my spiritual gifts and how I operate in them

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  1. i've been eyeing that cream cheese pumkin muffing at starbucks... i LOVE fall food!!! :) there is a donut shop from back home that sells the most amazing pumkin donuts. i will likely drive 5 hrs to get there to have one (and fellowship with sisterfriends!). :)
    i hope you guys are all recovering, and it always blesses me to hear wives thanking their husbands out loud. we may secretly think they hung the moon and love 'em to pieces, but we need to be more vocal about it!!!
    thanks for sharing!!! our good men are SUCH a good gift!


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