Friday, September 17, 2010

good deals

Yesterday I went to the twice-a-year huge children's items resale in town. I found a looks-like-it-was-only-worn-once GAP winter coat for ten dollars for Bubby. You can't buy a Walmart coat for that, so I bought that and a five dollar Halloween costume for Bubby. He will be a tiger. There were other costumes, but I went for the best deal. I am hoping it is not too big. I also found a tags-still-on-it sweater for him for a dollar, a GAP sweater vest for two, and a brandname pair of dress pants for Christmas pictures for three. I was pleased with these purchases, and even more pleased that Bubby still had some birthday money left for me to use on them. :)
We were looking for a double stroller at the sale. Those that were available for what we would pay used were very dated, and we weren't sure we would get a car seat to attach to one of them. One that was quality was only about twenty dollars cheaper than buying a brand new one. So we went to Toys'R'Us. Until tomorrow they are having a deal if you trade in your old stroller/carseat/whatever, you can get 25% off a new one. So we traded our stroller in for a double. This is a sit-n-stand that also can be used as a regular double stroller with the ability to attach the infant carseat to it. Then we traded in our old infant carseat (which unfortunately is not compatible with any double strollers out there) for one that goes with the brand of stroller we purchased. There were not any neutral designs for the carseat, so while I'm not thrilled with the fabric, I don't hate it either. I like it except the big phrase "All Star" on it. And we got 25% off of that, too.
The only thing is I will have to push Bubs around by himself in the double stroller for a few months, but we couldn't pass up the deal.
It hit The Hubs and I, as he was assembling the stroller, that we are going to have two babies. (Well, a baby and a toddler.)  We are going to be a family of four in just a few months.  That is just crazy to me.  I cannot even picture the dynamics, but while I am a bit overwhelmed, I am also excited.
Now we just need a vehicle to cart everyone/everything around in... anyone know where I register for that? :)


  1. A girlfriend and I have plans twice a year to go to our local HUGE consignment sale. Tomorrow is the day, and we've been pumped for weeks! I love bargain shopping, and nobody can look through my daughter's closet and tell what was bought on consignment and what was bought at a regular retail store :)

  2. have you checked your local Craigs List for a van?

  3. Not yet, Steph. But I will. Thanks for the reminder. First have to have some money. The "get another car fund" turned into the "pay a bunch of medical bills because our insurance sucks" fund. I won't even tell you the ungodly bill I got this week for the spring bloodwork that was just to try to determine why I had Bubs early. And we've only just begun...


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